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The first team to plug all 10 holes wins the game.


Place the boxes at the same distance as you would for MashBall, however, turn boxes so the ropes are not facing one another (Triangle is opposite of MashBall).


The front row consisting of 4 holes = Single

The second row of 3 = Double

The third row of 2 = Triple

The back row of one hole = Homerun

How To Play:

Both teams stand behind the separated halves of the box. To determine who goes first each player will toss a ball toward the homerun hole. The player closest will win home field advantage and will toss second. Any hole made is considered closer than if a ball is not made in a hole at all.

There are nine innings and one team tosses at a time. When a player makes it in the box but not in a hole, it is a strike. If a player gets 3 strikes in a row, it is an out. If a player does not make the ball in a hole or in the box, it is an automatic out. Each team gets three outs per inning.

When a team makes a hole, the hole is to be plugged and one should imagine a runner moving that exact amount of bases. When the team makes another hole, the player on base advances according to what hole the team makes. If the player on base advances to home plate, then the 1st hole made is unplugged and the tossing team earns one run. For example, if a team makes the ball in a hole in the third row, then the hole is plugged and a player is on third base. If the team then makes a ball in the front row then the player on third will score and the hole previously plugged should be removed.

This continues and scores are tallied for each inning. Whichever team scores the most runs by the end of the ninth inning, wins.

Other rules: Make it in one that is already plugged = double play (automatic two outs.)


Like MashBall, start by clipping the provided string to the front rope of each half of the box to determine the exact distance of separation. Completely remove all plugs from the box and place them on the side.


The front row consisting of 1 hole = 5 points

The second row of 2 = 4 points

The third row of 3 = 3 points

The back row consisting of 4 holes = 2 points 

Anywhere in the box but not in a hole = 1 point

How To Play:

Both teams stand behind the separate halves of the box and each player per team gets 1 toss per turn. The first team to reach 21 wins the game. If a team scores over 21 without reaching exactly 21, then they bust and go back to 11. (Note: If there is only one player per team then the single player on each team gets 2 tosses).

Gentlemen’s Shot:

You can also play Gentlemen’s Shots in Twenty-One. If you wish to do so, please reference the Gentlemen’s Shot description in the MashBall section of the guide.


Before you start, Fast Mash requires 4 or more people to participate.

1)Place both halves of the boxes on the same side with the word MashBall touching and the ropes facing the same way. Then, keeping both halves side by side, separate them about 3 feet away from one another in order to provide enough space between each half for the players to runback and forth between them. (This is a very fun fast paced game!)

2) To determine the exact tossing distance, clip the provided string to a front rope of one half of the box. Pull the string tight, then take note of or mark the distance of the clip at the end of the string.

3)Unclip the string from the front rope and place the string on the ground at the exact distance previously noted. (The string should be laid parallel with front of the 2 halves and approximately 6 feet away) See image above for details. Plug all 4 holes in the back row, leaving the front 6 holes open.

The game begins with one player from each team shooting at their half of the box and the other player on each team behind the box retrieving each ball that their teammate tosses, returning it back to their teammate as quickly as possible until their teammate makes a hole. Each tossing player gets unlimited tosses until they make one of the 6 holes in their half of the box.

Once the tossing player makes a hole, that player must run to the box and plug the hole that he or she made. Meanwhile, the retrieving player runs to the tossing position and begins tossing. At this point, each player has switched positions and the tossing player becomes the retrieving player.

Note: The retrieving player must leave the ball that was made in the hole and cannot plug it. The tossing player is the only player that can plug the hole when it is made.

The teams repeat this process until a team makes all 6 holes. The player to make all 6 holes 1st, wins!!


Like MashBall, start by clipping the provided string to the front rope of each half of the box to determine the exact distance of separation. Both teams stand behind the separate halves of the box and each player per team gets 1 toss per turn. (Note: If there is only one player per team then the single player on each team gets 2 tosses.) 

Take the stack of plugs and flip them upside down on top of the middle hole. (Note: MASHBALL side of plugs facing down)

How to Play:

Decide who goes first the same way you would for MashBall.

The object of the game is to be the first team to make the 9 open holes surrounding the middle hole and stack. If a hole is made, a plug is taken from the stack of plugs and placed in the hole that was made. (As the stack gets smaller it moves easier).


Beware if the tossing team knocks their stack completely out of the box, the teams must swap boxes and the other team’s arrangement of holes becomes theirs. For example, if a team is winning with more holes made but then they knock the stack completely off of the box, they will swap and become the team that is losing with less holes made. However, if a team knocks the stack off the middle hole but the stack remains in the box the stack must stay at its new position away from the middle hole until the tossing teams turn is over (all tosses have been made for that turn) and then it is returned back to the middle hole. If the tossing team can move the stack off the middle hole without removing it from the box and then on the next toss make the middle hole, then THE GAME IS OVER and THE TOSSING TEAM WINS! (Note: the stack must be moved with the first toss in order for this to happen)


If a player makes the last hole or the middle hole, but the stack leaves the box on that same toss then the opposing team wins due to the box-swapping rule! For example, if the ball hits the stack and bounces into the last hole but the stack falls off the box in the same toss, then the boxes are swapped making the non-tossing team the winner. This can happen at any point in the game if it occurs on the middle hole.



Like MashBall, start by clipping the provided string to the front rope of each half of the box to determine the exact distance of separation. Plug all holes other than the middle hole. (9 holes should be plugged)

Masher Toss is primarily played by 2 teams consisting of 2 players. Both teams stand behind the separate halves of the box and each player per team gets 1 toss per turn. (Note: If there is only one player per team then the single player on each team gets 2 tosses.)

If the ball is made in the box = 1 point

If the ball is made in one of the plugs of the 9

plugged holes = 3 points

If the ball is made in the middle hole = 5 points

The first team to reach 21 wins the game! If a team scores over 21 without reaching exactly 21, then they BUST and go back to the same score as their opponent. For example, if the tossing team scores over 21 and their opposing team has a score of 14, then the tossing team goes back down to a score of 14 points.

MashBall, the original plug pong game, is great for all ages and its the perfect way to get the whole family outside to enjoy some friendly competition. Methods of play are easy for everyone to understand. MashBall is portable and engineered to be lightweight, compact, and durable to bring anywhere and handle whatever life throws at it. MashBall's versatility offers more than 5 methods of play and there is plenty of room to create your own games.


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