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Does any of this sound familiar?

  • “I dread the day after a party knowing that I’ll have to scrape and wipe sticky beer residue from my table and floors!”
  • “My arms are going to fall off if I have to lug this heavy game any farther…”
  • “It’s impossible to play beer pong outside on a windy day”
  • “I have people coming over in 10 minutes, how am I going to keep them entertained?”
  •  “Mommy, I’m bored!”

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Hi, I’m Todd, CEO and Founder of MashBall, and I’m here to turn your tailgate, beach trip, family barbecue, or even a boring rainy day indoors into the simplest and most fun event yet. I’ve spent the last 3 years picking apart all tailgate and beach toss games to fix their flaws in order to let you make the most out of your scarce time away from school or work.

Just picture…

  • Your kids running around and laughing for hours inside on a rainy day or outside on a beautiful day
  • Effortlessly adding the finishing touch to your tailgate and having random people stop and say “Wow, that looks like a blast!” OR “What is that? Where did you get that?” OR Most common, “Can I play next game?”
  • Never needing new cups, balls, or even a table to play drinking games again AND cleaning it all up in seconds
  • Continuing the fun in the pool with no fear of the wind

MashBall is here to let you get the most out of your time with family and friends by bringing everyone together for some good ole fashion competition

There is no need to reinvent the wheel with drinking games… but why not make the wheel roll better by making it super easy to transport, wind-resistant, more sanitary and float in the pool!

That’s what we have done at MashBall and we are excited to bring the fun to your next get together. Now that you know all about how MashBall can improve your life, and you’re still wondering how exactly to play, click here and we’ll show you some brief videos that will lead to you becoming a MashBall pro in no time. Warning: Your jaw may drop to the floor if it hasn’t already.


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2016 First Place Winner of New Orleans Entrepreneur Week

The Blackstone Big Idea Competition



Like MashBall, start by clipping the provided string to the front rope of each half of the box to determine the exact distance of separation. Both teams stand behind the separate halves of the box and each player per team gets 1 toss per turn. (Note: If there is only one player per team then the single player on each team gets 2 tosses.)


Place both halves of the boxes on the same side with the word MashBall touching and the ropes facing the same way. Then, keeping both halves side by side, separate them about 3 feet away from one another in order to provide enough space between each half for the players to run back and forth between them. (This is a very fun fast paced game!!)

MashBall, the original plug pong game, is great for all ages and its the perfect way to get the whole family outside to enjoy some friendly competition. Methods of play are easy for everyone to understand. MashBall is portable and engineered to be lightweight, compact, and durable to bring anywhere and handle whatever life throws at it. MashBall's versatility offers more than 5 methods of play and there is plenty of room to create your own games.


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